Peru – Volunteer with Waves for Development

Volunteer in Peru with Waves for Development

Where: Lobitos, Peru

Dates: Year round opportunities

Price: Starting at $985 USD for 2 weeks

Custom group adventures available upon request! 

Travel to Lobitos in northern Peru for this amazing surf and volunteer opportunity. Surfing is the main sport in Lobitos due to its perfect and varying conditions. Rocky bottoms, sandy bottoms, point breaks, beach breaks, barrels, and great crystalline walls are all offered at this beautiful destination. Surfers often describe Lobitos as one of the cleanest and safest places they’ve visited in Peru.

Peru Volunteer

Surf Lobitos

Waves for Development stresses the importance of sustainable travel, breaking it up into four categories: ecological, social, political, and economic. Ecological in the use of, impacts on, and implications for the natural environment. Social through community participation with the project, impacts on their culture, and willingness to carry it into the future. Political by exploring the politics of the destination and other accountability issues of the project. Economic through the exploration of the impacts of money exchanging hands.

Volunteer activities are based on the experience and comfort level of the volunteer. Opportunities include:

  • Assisting with English classes during and after school (strengthen or develop lesson plans).
  • Assisting with Surfing classes for Lobitos youth (ages 6 – 14).
  • Assisting with Environmental Education classes and activities (some Spanish required).
  • Helping to coordinate sports activities for the kids during and after school hours.
  • Working with Entrepreneurship Empowerment activities in Lobitos (WAVES Surf Shop).
  • Installing concrete floor with Environmental Health program.

These programs directly reflect the needs of the community.

  • Cultural Exchange
  • Environmental conservation
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Locally guided excursions such as cave visits, camping and surf trips
  • Program also offers surfing lessons, Spanish lessons, and local tourism

    Please note that this is a sample itinerary - it may change depending on the time of year and needs of the community.

    Typical Day:
    6-9am Morning surf and breakfast.
    9am-12pm Education Activity (group or individual); Personal or Program Project. 12:30-2:30pm Lunch with local family / local restaurant / at the house / free time. 2:30-5:30pm Education program (story hour or surf class, program-led activity). 5:30-7pm Surf.
    8pm Dinner, debrief, free time.

    Volunteers will stay at house with other volunteers.

    Could be sharing a room with up to three people

    The WAVES house includes:

    - Running water (scarce in Lobitos)
    - Flushing toilets (if it’s yellow let it mellow, brown flush it down)
    - Shared rooms 2, 3 and 4 beds (two w/ private baths)
    - Bedding
    - Two toilets, two showers
    - Designated kitchen and common area
    - Fully secure lockable rooms and house

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