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Corporate Travel Services starting at only 350 SEK +moms per hour. We provide you with everything you need from planning to delivering a wonderful travel experience for you and your team that supports your Corporate Social Responsibility.

Reward your Staff with an Experience

Maldives Volunteer

Maldives Volunteer Adventure – Working with local Preschool

We create incentive travel programs that provide your employees with a rewarding experience while supporting sustainable travel. Whether you’re looking to reward your team with a well deserved travel adventure, design a corporate team building retreat, or to design a unique volunteer travel experience as part of your Corporate Social Responsibility, Travel Roots makes everything easy, affordable, and memorable.

We Manage. You Relax.

It takes a large investment of time and money to plan a customized travel experience. We will take care of all the behind the scenes work to design a travel experience suited to the needs of your company. We will take care of the research, planning, logistics, budgeting, and guiding allowing you and your team to sit back, relax, and take in every aspect of the trip.

We are an open, transparent company and work with each of our Clients on a personal level to ensure that we design a memorable experience tailored to fit your goals and objectives. We like to think of ourselves as an extension of your team, here to help bring your travel ideas and programs to life and to make every step smooth and hassle free.

What Makes us Unique

Peru Lares Trek

Peru Trekking – Contribute to Local Communities

Our mission is to support socially responsible travel through designing travel experiences that support small local businesses, eco-conscious travel activities, educational experiences, and cross-cultural learning. We ensure that each experience is meaningful and allows for personal growth and development.

Corporate Social Responsibility

As a company we strongly believe in giving back to the destinations that we visit whether it’s through participating in a volunteer activity or by contributing to a local NGO, this is something that we are passionate about. We have established an amazing network of small businesses, grassroots tourism companies and NGOs across the globe that we work with that share the same values as us.  We are always happy to incorporate an element of volunteer travel, visiting a local community project, and Corporate Social Responsibility into the travel programs that we design. We will work with you to design a travel program that supports an initiative that shares your business’ corporate values.

Benefits of our Corporate Travel Programs

Volunteer & Yoga Retreat

Honduras Volunteer Program

  • Motivate and Inspire Staff – Your staff will feel motivated and appreciated for their efforts when awarded with a travel adventure in an exciting destination
  • Enhance team building skills – Each of our experiences will have time set aside for corporate team building sessions, business meetings, and/or workshops allowing your team to enhance their skills and work better as a team. Plus sharing an experience in a unique travel destination creates stronger bonds amongst colleagues.
  • Increase in productivity – Your staff will feel appreciated and this will entice them to be more productive in the workplace
  • Keep and Attract your Best Employees – By offering engaging and appealing travel experiences to your team ensures that you keep your best staff happy and attract new talent if needed
  • Cross Cultural Learning – You and your team will travel to different countries and experience different ways of living, gaining an appreciation and understanding for other cultures
  • Increased Loyalty – We offer experiences that support small local businesses and local NGOs that support Educational and Environmental Projects leaving your team feeling proud to work for a company that contributes and cares for social and environmental initiatives
  • Create Excellent PR for your Company – Our experiences take you on unique journeys that contribute to Educational and/or Environmental causes which will lead to positive word of mouth and improve your company’s public relations

Sample Experiences for Corporate Travel

We’ve handpicked some exclusive experiences that will provide you and your team with a rewarding experience in an exciting destination. Each experience is designed to contribute to a local NGO that supports educational and/or environmental conservation programs in the destination of your choice. If you have destination or an NGO that you want to personally support we can tailor our experiences accordingly. Please note these are sample experiences – we will customize your corporate travel experience based on your interests, timeframe, and budgets.














Costa Rica Corporate Travel

Costa Rica Eco Adventure / Reforestation Project

Honduras Corporate Travel

Honduras Island Retreat / Educational Programs for Youth









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