About Us

Travel Roots – Purpose Driven Travel

Where your passion for travel meets a desire to explore local communities & support socially responsible tourism.

To travel is to take a journey into yourself. We design our experiences to feed your mind, body & soul while supporting socially responsible travel. What that means is that we support small local businesses, NGOs, and work to create experiences that encourage learning and building relationships with people and places.

Whether you’re seeking adventure, volunteering abroad, spiritual well-being, rest & relaxation, a team building corporate retreat, or getting off the beaten track, we offer uniquely designed customized travel packages.

So join the movement and become a purpose driven traveller and discover the world from another angle… your next adventure awaits!

What we do

We design independent & group travel packages, self-guided adventures, volunteer travel adventures, cultural tours and a variety of alternative experiences that cater to purpose driven travelers that wish to explore the world and journey off the beaten track. We create unique travel experiences for independent travelers and groups that allow you to connect with local communities, not-for-profit organizations, and conservation management projects.

You have an opportunity to get involved in a variety of interesting projects while you’re trotting the globe. Or if you don’t want to venture far, we’ve got excursions and trip ideas you can go on right in your own backyard. We can also work with you to design your own customized travel package or tour. We’ll help you design a trip, a tour or help you facilitate an event. We’re here to help you design your dream and connect you with the right people and places.

What Makes us Unique

Our mission is to support socially responsible travel through designing travel experiences that support small local businesses, eco-conscious travel activities, educational experiences, and cross-cultural learning. We ensure that each experience is meaningful and allows for personal growth and development.

We provide an alternative option for today’s traveler to support socially responsible tourism and local communities through grassroot travel experiences.

We’re here to provide unique opportunities for people to become global citizens that are empowered to support ecofriendly businesses  & support community based initiatives across the globe. We seek partnership with those who support a common vision.


Amanda Huculak - Travel Roots


Owner / Co-Founder

Philosophy – ‘Travel teaches you to live in the moment, to challenge yourself, to learn something new about the world, and to continue to grow – your next adventure awaits!’


Supporting grassroots tourism that preserves local cultures and protects the environment while connecting like-minded people together to plan purpose driven travel adventures around the globe. Traveling off the beaten track has allowed me to connect with some of the most amazing people and places around the world. I love to create opportunities for individuals to experience the same and have life changing adventures.


I bought a backpack at the age of 16 with the desire to explore the world. My travel adventures have allowed me to live and work in Australia, Thailand, Honduras and Paraguay and journey through Southeast Asia, Mexico, Western Europe, India, Maldives, Chile, and throughout North and Central America.

I have a degree in Environmental Studies and have spent the past 8 years working in the tourism industry as a Project Manager for indigenous tourism and community development projects with a tourism consulting firm called Canadian Ecotourism Services.

In 2013 I decided to take a leap with Lori Fast, my current Guide Extraordinaire, to start a travel company with social and environmental values at the forefront. Throughout the years, Travel Roots has continued to attract socially responsible travellers wanting to have more meaningful travel adventures and I’m so happy to be part of a new movement in creating Purpose Driven Travel.

We continue to grow as a small business by working with amazing partners both local and abroad and I’m excited to share our adventures with you!


Travel Roots Team


Marketing & Sales Assistant – Winnipeg

Philosophy – “Only own what you use”, “There is no Planet B” and “Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education” – Martin Luther King Jr.


In the last handful of years Chanelle has found herself learning hands-on in seven countries; travel being a passion she continues to closely pursue with her best-friend/partner, Taryn. Chanelle believes that through travel, one explores the essence of new environments and discovers new interests that excite them. Travel becomes opportunity for self-discovery, and – equally important- stumbling upon food you continue to salivate over for years to come.


Chanelle Lajoie is a curiously creative individual who resides in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Studying Urban and Inner City Studies alongside Environmental Sustainability affords Chanelle the avenue to explore and create meaning in the complexities of the world that surrounds her. Chanelle’s goal for academia is ultimately social work, which she believes is a field which will allow opportunity to engage in community development, as well as enhancing individuals’ efficacy: along with her own.

While Chanelle is working on planning her next trip, much of her time is spent immersing herself in conversations with new friends, exploring Winnipeg with fresh eyes and seeking new ways of remaining resourceful. Commonly found getting her hands dirty from printmaking, experimenting with fermentation, and being a first-time gardener, Chanelle holds a proud title as an Imperfectionist and views each of her hobbies as methods of learning outside of classroom walls. Put simply, Chanelle revels in the notion that with so many ways in which one can navigate life and love – we ought to be creative, stay curious and keep kind.


Lake Kariba Sunsets


Guide Extraordinaire / Co-Founder

Philosophy –  “Lets go on an adventure!!!”


People and places. I love meeting people from all over the world and sharing stories of our adventures & perspectives. I love finding extraordinary places and uncovering the uniqueness of every place I go. My passion is to broaden peoples’ perspectives of the world and build bridges between communities.


Born in Canada, but raised in Africa, I’ve been traveling the world since I first learned to walk. I’ve lived all over the world, including Nigeria, Botswana, Canada, Germany and Chile.

I’ve traveled extensively throughout Africa, the Middle East, India, Europe, South America and our lovely backyard here in North America.

With a degree in International Development and over 7 years experience working in the travel industry, I figured it was time to combine these two passions and create a travel company that supports local communities and enhances people’s travel experiences.