Adventures Abroad

Adventures Abroad

Become a Purpose Driven Traveller and Explore the World from Another Angle

We develop unique adventures abroad designed to connect travellers with local people and places for an authentic experience. Whether you wish to travel independently, on one of our self-guided adventures, or as a small group, our experiences offer a more in depth look at the culture and environment of whereever you go. Our independent, self-guided and group adventures maintain a focus on sustainable community-based development, health & wellness, conservation management, and/or cultural preservation. As part of our corporate social responsibility we look at supporting local NGOs in the destinations we travel to.

Our Adventures Abroad will allow you to:

  • Travel in small group sizes (max. 10-12 people)
  • Support locally owned businesses
  • Interact with local communities
  • Connect with volunteer opportunities
  • Offer support to NGOs involved with Environmental Conservation & Educational Programs
  • Visit off the beaten track destinations

Upcoming small group adventures:

Costa Rica Yoga Retreat with Marisa Cline -

Sri Lanka Cycle Tour -

Costa Rica Adventure Tour -

Nepal Trekking Adventure - Everest Base Camp -

Peruvian Andes and Amazonian Adventure -


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“I highly recommend Travel Roots for beginners, experienced, single, families, groups, whatever your needs are. Amanda and Lori will be sure to come up with one of the most amazing experiences!!” – Tricia Watson, Winnipeg, Canada