Andaman Islands Eco-Adventure

Andaman Islands Eco-Adventure – 10 Day Excursion

If you love the sea and are a nature-lover you will love this eco-adventure! Travel to one of the lesser known regions of India to a beautiful group of islands a 2 hour flight from the mainland of India. You will begin your journey by venturing to North Wandoor to volunteer with the Andaman and Nicobar Island’s Environmental Team (ANET). The Andaman & Nicobar Islands attracted the attention of researchers and naturalists long before they appeared on the pages of guidebooks and travel magazines.

By virtue of its isolation and distance from mainland India, the island chain’s healthy ecosystems display a robust biological diversity with a high level of endemism. This unique attribute attracted many working in the field of natural/wildlife research on the mainland. Added to this attribute is the presence of indigenous and settled islanders who face the onslaught of colonization and market oriented economic growth amidst their livelihood strategies of foraging and agriculture. ANET is one among a slew of individuals and institutions interested in the equitable and ecologically appropriate development of these islands.


Guided tour with ANET

A nature-lover’s paradise…

You will stay at the ANET accommodation facilities. The ANET base is located in North Wandoor, on the southern tip of the South Andaman Island. Twenty-six kilometers by road from Port Blair, and three kilometers from the entrance to the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park, ANET is tucked away on a small, forested incline fringed by fields and mangrove swamp. The immediate surroundings include forested hillsides, mangrove swamps, and a variety of littoral habitats and coral reefs. The accommodations are situated in the jungle but minutes from the beach – the best of both worlds.

While staying at ANET you will have a chance to learn about the local flora and fauna on the island and participate in various research and environmental education initiatives. They also have an onsite PADI dive centre and you can arrange dives in the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park, a marine protected area that is exclusive ANET.

Beaches of Andaman Islands

Relaxing in the warm waters of Andaman Islands

After spending 5 days with ANET you will then travel to beautiful Havelock Island known for some of the best beaches in all of Asia. Spend the night in Andaman style accommodations at Emerald Geckos or Barefoot Scuba situated along Beach #5 on the island. You will have plenty of time to explore the island, go scuba diving in one of the best locations in the world, experience hook and line fishing, eat amazing seafood meals, and swim in the pristine waters of the famous Radhanagar beach which seems like a giant swimming pool. This is an amazing off the beaten track destination to wind down and get away from it all.

  • Explore the endemic marine life and coral reefs while diving in the islands
  • See nature transform before your eyes in the mangroves between low and high tide
  • Interact with researchers from around the world at the ANET base camp
  • Visit one of the best beaches in Asia on Havelock Island
  • Experience local hook and line fishing and eat a fresh seafood meal afterwards
  • Explore one of India's best kept secrets in the tranquil islands


Fly from Chennai to Port Blair, Andaman Islands

Day 1 – Fly to Port Blair from mainland India – get picked up at the airport and taken to ANET and get settled in.

Day 2 – Tour of ANET facility, interactive presentations and learning activities

Day 3 - Pair up with a researcher to learn about the marine life and assist with projects

Days 4 & 5 – Participate in marine learning activities and workshops based on your interests

Day 6 – Travel to Havelock Island and stay in traditional Andaman style accommodations at one of the eco-resorts

Days 7 - 9 – Enjoy the pristine beaches of Havelock, go scuba diving, go fishing, and slow things down to island time

Day 10 – Travel back to Port Blair and spend the night there in a bed and breakfast

Day 11 – Depart for home

Stay in your own private cabana set in the jungle in ANET. Mosquito netting provided with a shared washroom. Meals are provided in a common sitting area.

No running water. Fresh water is available for drinking and basin's are provided for showers.

Stay in an eco-friendly private beach cabana on Havelock Island - based on double occupancy. e.g. Emerald Gecko or Barefoot Scuba

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