Travelroots Partners


Grassroots movements begin with people gathering together for a common goal. With the same goals in mind, Travel Roots has connected and partnered with a variety of different people, organizations, and programs to create unique opportunities for travellers to connect and support a common vision.

We’ve partnered with organizations and people all over the world to bring you authentic experiences that support socially responsible tourism. Together we can offer grassroot experiences that bring you closer to the communities and places you visit. We choose our partners based on their mutual effort to support local organizations that benefit the communities, people and environments we visit.

 Here’s a list of some of Travel Roots Partners:


A Vancouver-based boutique tour operator offering Scheduled Adventures, Educational Tours, & Custom Travel to some of the further-flung corners of the globe.

Rainbow VolunTours

Rainbow VolunTours is a young social enterprise, a travel company with a difference, which is committed to provide genuine volunteering opportunities combined with unique travel experiences in India.

Huvadhoo Aid

non-governmental, youth organization located in the Maldives. HAD’s mission is to achieve socio-economic development of youth, women, disabled people and the community, as well as to increase active citizenship, strengthen civil society organizations, promote responsible governance, and improve the image of the Maldives throughout the world.

The Barkman


Everything Trees, The Barkman provides Recreational Tree Climbing Adventures as well as Professional Tree Care services in Winnipeg Manitoba. We’ve partnered with The Barkman to offer Recreational Tree climbing in Winnipeg.

Desia Ecotourism Project

 The Desia Ecotourism Project was spearheaded by our wonderful partner Heritage Tours based in Odisha India. The project’s goal is to preserve the rich tribal culture through a local tourism development initiative. Special focus is given to empower the local women below poverty line through capacity building and training programs on various initiatives including arts & craft development.