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Volunteer Abroad – A More Meaningful Travel Experience

Volunteering abroad allows you to have a greater connection and understanding of the places that you visit. Participating in a volunteer abroad travel program allows you to completely immerse yourself in a different environment and culture. You will gain a deeper understanding of the world in a way that isn’t possible through ordinary travel.

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One of the most amazing things about volunteering abroad is that you help to build bridges and fill the cultural gaps in our world. You get a chance to intimately get to know and understand a new culture and create some lifelong friends in other countries. You also have an instant respect amongst community members and they treat you like part of the family – opening the doors for more unique experiences like getting invited to a family dinner, having chai with grandma, getting invited to the local community football match and so on.

Deciphering the misunderstanding behind paid volunteer abroad travel experiences

There sometimes is a bit of a misunderstanding behind paid volunteer abroad travel experiences – people may expect to get things for free but there are costs associated with these types of experiences. So I thought we would explain how this process works.

  1. We support smaller not-for-profits and grassroots organizations that really need the help and aren’t well known on the international scale. That said, they themselves are strapped for internal resources and funds. So a portion of the volunteer fee goes towards helping these organizations grow and meet their demands.
  2. There is also costs associated with living expenses like your accommodations, meals and transportation. We make it easy for volunteers and add these expenses in the total cost of an experience.
  3. And don’t forget about all the fun activities that you can experience! Our experiences are designed in a way that allow you to also explore and get to know the communities you volunteer in, so we plan a variety of fun activities for you to enjoy during the duration of your stay.
  4. Then of course there is administration costs with regards to applying for Visas if needed, coordinating the logistics of the trip, and completing necessary paperwork.

I hope that makes it easier for people to understand how the volunteer abroad process works.

Volunteer Abroad - Maldives Volunteer

We are passionate about Volunteer abroad programs

Volunteer travel abroad is something we are passionate about and it has made such an impact on our lives so we are happy to share some amazing programs with our clients. It’s always an incredible experience to watch how volunteer travel can change a travelers perspective on life and lead to positive personal growth and the creation of life long connections.

Volunteer Abroad

Whether you want to go as an individual or as part of a group we can help you find a program that suits your needs and fills a need in the community. We have experiences in India, Maldives, Peru, Nepal, and Honduras – and we are always happy to help create a custom experience for you in other destinations. For more details visit us at

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