Sooke, BC

Adventures in Western Canada

Adventures in Western Canada

As many Canadians from the prairies, I’ve been on the typical road trip out west via Calgary to the Rocky Mountains but have never really ventured and spent a lot of time in the smaller quaint places further west in BC. I’m feeling grateful to have the opportunity to be able to pack my office up and travel onwards and spend the time to really get to know the places in Western Canada.

My adventures thus far have brought me past Jasper into unknown territory, well for me at least. It’s always interesting to reflect as a traveler on exploring new destinations but you rarely look to what you have in your own country. But traveling to me is to challenge yourself with new experiences – you are in search to find that special place that evokes an emotional connection, to learn something new, and to meet some interesting people along the way – and you can have these experiences in your own country.

Life on the road does take a toll on you, especially when you do have to work… every place I stay at, I have to set up my little mobile office and a have good wifi connection which can be a challenge at times. Since Canada brings a whole new set of challenges to stay on a budget we have been creative with where we are staying from cheap motels along the highway, to staying with friends, to using Airbnb, to even finding house sitting opportunities.

Salt Spring Island, BC

We were on Salt Spring Island for about 10 days and stayed with a friend for a few days on his community farm stay called Neptune Farm. It was a place that evoked sustainable community living on a quaint farm that strived to live off the grid. The residents grew their own food, used limited water, had compost toilets, and some even built their own living spaces. There was a beautiful yoga studio as well, so perhaps a summer yoga retreat will be in the future.

Salt Spring Island

Viewpoint at Mount Maxwell on Salt Spring Island

After staying on the farm, we ventured off to a quaint forest loft close to Mount Maxwell which we found on Airbnb. It was a cozy place to spend a few days surrounded by lush green ferns and magical looking trees covered in moss. Plus being so close to Mount Maxwell, the best viewpoint on the island, you had amazing hiking trails within close proximity.

Salt Spring is an interesting place. It is a mecca for hippies and sustainable living with small farms dotting the landscape. I can imagine that it would be a buzzing place in spring and summer.

Sooke, BC

After Salt Spring we ventured back to Vancouver Island to spend some time in Sooke over the holidays. Sooke is a bit more rugged and rough around the edges. I really like it here… so many interesting things to explore between here and Port Renfrew. From amazing surf beaches, old growth forest hikes, old mining towns, and infamous hiking trails such as the Juan de Fuca Trail… this is an adventurers dream. Looking forward to spending some time here. Stay tuned for more stories.

Sooke, BC

Viewpoint at the Potholes near Sooke, BC