Honduras Island Yoga Retreat

Yoga & Travel – Living in the Moment

Yoga and travel have so many similarities, one being is that they both teach you to live in the moment. Yoga and travel teach you to appreciate the magic of everyday life like going on a new adventure or trying something new that is a little outside your comfort zone. When planning our retreats we always look at opportunities for individuals to grow and expand their horizons whether it be through their yoga/meditation practice or by participating in activities that bring you closer to nature, learn about another culture, and volunteer and give back to the communities you visit.

We connected with Andrea Robin, a yoga instructor from Winnipeg that led our retreat to Roatan, Honduras last year and will be leading our retreat again this year March 8 – 16! Here is what yoga and travel mean to her:

‘I do love to travel! I don’t have as many opportunities as I did in my old life, but that appears to be changing! When Travel Roots and I decided to join forces for a yoga retreat to Honduras, I was THRILLED! I had never been and I adore going to new places. I was going to be able to share my passion for the healing art of yoga with people and I was going to have a little down time to myself!

I didn’t know much about Honduras except that it was close to El Salvador and that it boasted the second largest barrier reef in the world, making it a mecca for divers and snorkelers alike. Amanda informed me that half the retreat would take place in a resort in the jungle, the second on a beach. I wasn’t sure about the jungle resort but once I arrived I found to be more a little piece of heaven! The owner, Barbara, is a Reiki Master and Kundalini yoga teacher, so I knew I had found a kindred spirit. She is an amazing woman with a beautiful soul, who along with her dedicated and talented staff, have carved an amazingly healing spot out of the wilderness. There is a sense of tranquility and calm that comes from being surround by plants that either heal or feed you. And it’s right on a bay that Barb’s staff can either lead you out to some brilliant diving /snorkeling spots by either kayak or pontoon. The food is delicious and nutritious and prepared by talented locals Barb trains herself.

Honduras Island Yoga Retreat

After we all destressed and relaxed at Upachaya, we headed off to Tranquil Seas Diving Resort which has the most amazing yoga studio I have ever had the good fortune to teach in! Two stories up, surround by jungle and overlooking the ocean, Amanda and I clutched each other and nearly started crying from beauty when we first checked it out! TS is an architectural wonder that makes great use of space. It’s romantic & functional and boasts one of the best bars/restaurants on the Island. The staff was fantastic and friendly (as most of Island people are)!

I had been rather stressed coming into the retreat having JUST completed a rather large fundraiser for a national charity the day before I left. I can honestly say that my time spent on Roatan healed my body & soul. The kindness of the people we met and the lovely company of the retreat participants reminded me of my Life’s Purpose, to help people heal themselves. I have since become a Reiki Master/Teacher, have lead workshops at yoga festivals and continue learning new ways to increase the level of Joy in my life and find ways to help others, however they need.

I am SO looking forward to going back and reconnecting with Barbara and Michelle, another yoga teacher we met on the Island. I know the places to shop, where to dive and am so excited about visiting the Dolphin sanctuary on Roatan! I am offering Reiki healing sessions to all participants, free of charge! We are going back to Upachya to unwind and then Paya Bay Resort, another beautiful beach resort to add a little newness to the trip. It’s sure to be an enchanted time and I so hope you’ll let yourself experience the magic and join us this Mach 8th-16th. Wahe guru!’

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