Canada Road Trip

Nomadic Tour Operator

As a traveller, I’ve always been seeking what life is like in other countries – discovering how people thrive in different environments; expanding my knowledge of different cultures, ways of living, traditions, and ideologies; challenging myself with new adventures activities; and searching for new places to find peace and tranquility.

Canada has always been home but haven’t really gotten a chance to explore much of what’s in my own backyard. Being born and raised in Winnipeg, I’m used to living a simple lifestyle at home and saving up for my next big adventure abroad and not really paying much attention to what types of experiences are out here in Canada. So this year I decided to take my office on the road and explore some of Western Canada.

Starting in Winnipeg, I set off on a classic road trip out west with hopes to make some new connections with interesting like-minded people and to discover some hidden gems in Canada. I packed up my office literally – yes, I’m lugging around my Mac desktop (at least it’s not that big) and I’m headed all the way out West to Vancouver Island in Sooke! I’m becoming a Nomadic Tour Operator so if you have any tour inquiries or need advice or travel tips, I’ll still be able to help you while I’m on the road. Also if you have any tips on interesting sites to see in Canada let me know!!

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