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Traveling with Photographers in Iceland…

  • Iceland Photography Tour
    Iceland Photography Tour
I recently returned from traveling with an amazing group of photographers and creative professionals to Reykjavik and the West Fjords of Iceland on a mission to create local connections, and for each individual to re-ignite their creative sparks and become inspired for their personal work. This was not your typical tour… we braved the Icelandic elements in our Subarus, that have seen better days, and explored some of the more off the beaten track parts of this beautiful country.

One of my favourite parts of the trips was being surrounded by such creative talent and learning some great tips of the trade. One comment that sticks to me is when stopping to take a photo of a significant site, always remember to look behind you and down below at the small things. You never know what you are missing out on!

We experienced an amazing arts and cultural scene in Reykjavik and the small towns in the West Fjords and made some incredible connections. And I can’t leave out the spectacular scenery around every corner… from endless glaciers, to powerful waves crashing on black sand beaches, to interesting rugged landscapes, to amazing waterfalls big and small, to taking time to sit in some remote local hot pools, to rainbows, to little elf homes, to quaint farms, and friendly horses and sheep…. this country seemed so magical.

Plus the energy of our group was contagious! Everyone was up for an adventure and to make the most of the trip despite the sideways rain, fierce winds, and trecherous roads. One of the joys of being with the photographers is that they have a great eye for beauty so it was typical to slam on the breaks and make plenty of stops along the way to snap that perfect shot.

A lot of thought and time was put into the design of this trip and I enjoyed working with my fellow trip organizers Leif Norman, Ian McCausland and Evan Kuz on creating such an amazing trip! After it was all said and done we got together for a coffee and decided that we are going to be doing this trip again in 2016!  Stay tuned for more stories and photos of our adventures and visit us at to stay tuned for more info on our upcoming trips!