Wild Brazil

Wild Brazil Adventure

Paraty, Brazil

Dates: Available from Nov 20, 2015 – Jan 4, 2016

Prices: US$1,200 for 6 day guided excursion


Explore Brazil’s lush coastline in search of hidden beaches as you trek through the Reserva Biological da Joatinga. Completely inaccessible by road, you’ll be using boats and your hiking boots to explore this part of paradise. In the small town of Paraty, South of Rio De Janeiro by 3 hours, you’ll meet your guide, Marcus Barretti, who will take you through the area ensuring you get a truly Brazilian experience.

Backpacking, hiking and camping is the style of this adventure.

You’re sure to find waterfalls, rivers and numerous beaches, such as Pouso da Cajaiba beach, Sumaca beach and Martin de Sa Beach to name only a few. Between hikes you’ll get the chance to surf, snorkel and fish until your hearts content. Camp and dine with locals who will guide you through the area and ensure your experience is beyond your wildest Brazilian dreams.

Group sizes are limited to a maximum of 10 participants.

Hike through Joatinga National Park, where you are sure to find a multitude of waterfalls, rivers and breath taking views. Explore the pristine waters of over 8 different beaches including;
- Pouso da Cajaiba beach
- Martin de Sa beach
- Cairucu das pedras beach which is considered one of the ten most beautiful beaches in Brazil
- Ponta Negra Beach
- Galheta Beach
- Antiguinhos beach
- Dos Antigos beach
- Do Sono beach

There will be ample time to try kayaking, surfing, sand up paddle boarding, snorkeling and explore the beaches.

See Mata Atlantica Rain Forest where you'll cross a fresh water river and explore a beautiful rock cave pool.

Visit isolated fishing villages where you'll sample local cuisine, meet the locals and get the chance to hike through crops of cassava, banana's and fruit. Learn about the local fishing technique called "Pesca de Cerco". Try to catch your own dinner or dine in at local restaurants.

This is a truly authentic, off the beaten experience of Brazil. With a local guide, you will surely get a once in a life time experience.

Day 1: Meet your guide Marcus at the Paraty bus Station. Take a 2 hour boat ride from Paraty to Pouso da Cajaiba beach. Visit the local attractions like the local church, beach bambu bars, the school and some of the elders in the village. Hike 4 km and get to Martin de Sa beach. Set up camp, relax and get ready for dinner at the local restaurant. (There are shops, running water and regular conveniences all available here)

Day 2: Eat breakfast at the local restaurant. Enjoy Martin de Sa beach and go for a short hike around the area. Visit the mangrove river and local crops of banana's and other locally grown fruit. Visit the Pocao Waterfall, a clean rock pool then take a 30 min hike up the old slave farm trail, or go for a kayak ride, surf or snorkel the area. (All these activities are dependable on the weather conditions) Break for lunch at the local food market and get ready for a hike to Saco das Anchovas, an isolated fishing village that offers a hike to the local crops of cassava, banana's and fruit. Optional visit to the cassava flour plantation, an important item for Brazilian diets as it's used for fish soups and dessert. Set up camp at a local place and enjoy the end of the day by the ocean dock. Build a fire and relax. (Optional to return to Praia de Martin de Sa to camp)

Day 3: Enjoy the morning at the village or Martin de Sa beach, go snorkelling at the dock or try some stand up paddle boarding or a kayak ride. Hike to Cairucu das pedras beach (1hr from Martin de Sa or 10 min by boat) This beach is considered one of the ten most beautiful beaches in Brazil. You'll get a chance to chill in a clear water pool, visit the local community and look for native canoes that are hand made by locals. Spend the rest of the day relaxing on the beach, snorkling and eating the local catch of the day over the fire. Camp here or return to Martin de Sa.

Day 4: Eat breakfast at the local little house with a bambo deck, learn about the local fishing technique called "Pesca de Cerco". Enjoy the morning and get ready for a day hike. For the hardcore hiker, this trek is 800-900 meter above sea level. (Those less eager can have an optional boat ride) Climb 3 hours into higher elevation going into the Mata Atlantica Rain Forest. Cross a fresh water river and explore a rock cave. When you reach the top, you'll enjoy view and eat some snacks. Explore the forest then hike two more hours until you reach the Ponta Negra beach. Enjoy a restful evening at the beach. Fish for dinner & set up camp (optional cabin rental). There are Little bars and food available at this Beach.

Day 5: After breakfast at Ponta Negra beach, hike another 30 minutes to the next beach called Praia da Galheta. Enjoy the pristine waters and waterfall during a break, then hike another 20 min to get to Antiguinhos beach. Carry on to Praia dos Antigos, which is another ten minutes away. After enjoying some time here, we carry on for another 20 min hike to Praia do Sono beach where you'll spend the night in paradise. This beach town offers a variety of different food and bar options. You're sure to meet the locals and enjoy the pleasures of the community. Option to stay in Praia do Sono or head to Laranjeiras Beach Town.

Day 6: Enjoy the day at Praia do Sono beach. Relax and have a peaceful lunch in the shade before we get ready to hike an hour to Laranjeiras Condominum village where you will take the bus back to Paraty.

The majority of this trip will be spent camping, or using local accommodations organized by the guide.
Tents & yoga mats will be provided.

Basic meals will be provided.

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