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Travel Trends for 2017

Here are some Travel Trends that are on the horizon for 2017. As a traveller and responsible tourism operator, I love to see how the travel industry evolves and changes to keep up with new demands and trends. These travel trends are based on research findings and my own personal observations.

The Growing Market of Wellness-Minded Travellers

One of the newest trends to hit the travel industry is the growth of wellness travel. This includes more than marketing just resorts and retreats, it involves promoting your destination to target the growing market of wellness-minded travellers.

Isla Verde Guatemala Odyssey

Isla Verde Guatemala Odyssey

Destination expert Roger Brooks, president of Peoria, AZ-based Roger Brooks International, says “health and wellness is now one of the top four brands that destinations are pursuing.”

Costa Rica Tourism is gearing up to focus its 2017 PR campaign to promote the “Pura Vida” Lifestyle which is guided by the core values of community, health and wellness. Costa Rica is an amazing destination for wellness travel, considering we have 2 wellness retreats planned for next year 🙂

There has been more of a demand with “conscious travel”, meaning travelling to expand and grow as an individual. As a result we have some amazing wellness adventures planned for 2017:

Responsible Travel is on the Rise

I’m happy to hear that there is a growing demand in Responsible Travel since it’s something that Travel Roots always promotes! For those unfamiliar with this term, Responsible Travel is tourism that maximizes the benefits to local communities, minimizes negative social or environmental impacts, and helps people conserve fragile cultures and habitats or species.

Salkantay Trek Peru PhotoResearch studies continue to show that travellers prefer companies that instil eco-friendly practices in their operations. Travellers have a higher level of environmental and cultural awareness, meaning that they are more demanding and able to influence tourism providers to change their practices.

Nature-Based Tourism Growth
I’ve noticed this new trend first hand since I’ve moved my office to Vancouver Island. There is a lot more younger people, a.k.a. Millenials, out in nature, hiking, and exploring some off the beaten track nature-based activities. I was in Port Renfrew, the other day, a community on Vancouver Island’s west coast with a population of only 120 people, and their local tourism industry grew this year by 700%! That is an incredible growth and demonstrates that people are searching for opportunities to get them up close and personal with nature.

Nature-based tourism accounts for about 20% of the total for international travel and continues to grow according to the UNWTO. Nature is hot right now! We have some amazing nature-based adventures around the globe:

The Real Local Experience

Living like a Local has also become a growing trend. People are searching for more authentic, “real” experiences that allow them to connect with people and places. Travel Roots strives to create experiences that connect you with the locals and support local guides and operators.

For Millenials – A Desire to Learn Something New

Students and young travellers are more conscious minded and pursue travel adventures where they can work abroad, volunteer, be part of conservation projects, and learn something new while travelling. This has always been a passion of mine and some of my favourite travel experiences have been when I volunteer abroad.Volunteer Abroad

We have some great volunteer travel programs in India, Maldives, Nicaragua, and Peru! Find out more here – http://www.travelroots.ca/volunteer-travel-abroad.

A Growth in Niche Markets

The tourism industry is experiencing more segmented markets and new groups of consumers. The following are some of the top growing niche markets that relate to responsible travel:

  • Adventure Tourism
  • Agritourism
  • Culinary or Gastronomic Tourism
  • Orange Tourism – Focuses on Cultural, Economic and Social Development
  • Sharing Economy – peer-to-peer market
  • Wellness Travel
  • Volunteer Travel Adventures

Become a purpose driven traveller and start planning your next adventure! For custom travel adventures visit us at www.travelroots.ca.


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