Travel Roots, the Canadian Heart of the Purpose Driven Travel Movement Opening up in Sweden

Purpose Driven Travel Movement Sweden

Travel Roots’ Owner/Co-Founder Amanda Huculak saved her first few pay cheques to purchase a travel backpack at the age of 16 with the curiosity and desire to explore the world. She spent the next few years dreaming of all the places that were on her list to visit and of course that list kept growing and growing and growing… She set off on her first adventure at 19 to explore Southeast Asia and to spend a year in Australia working and travelling. After that, she was hooked. Travel has become her life and she lives for continuing to explore off the beaten track destinations and sharing the love of travel with her clients and friends.Purpose Driven Travel

Travel Roots offers a personalized travel experience for individuals searching for unique excursions abroad. Each experience is customized to our clients interests but offers them a chance to dive deeper into their travel adventure by connecting with local people and places they visit. Our philosophy with Travel Roots is to explore those unique places just around the corner, build cultural bridges, and discover the world from another angle. A lot of people in today’s society feel completely disconnected from nature and from the things that truly make them happy. To travel is to take a journey into yourself and all of our experiences are designed to feed your mind, body & soul while supporting socially responsible travel.

Travel Roots has worked hard over the past years to connect with like-minded partners from around the world. Grassroots movements begin with people gathering together for a common goal. With the same goals in mind, Travel Roots has connected and partnered with a variety of different people, organizations, and programs to create unique opportunities for travellers to connect and support a common vision.

Travel Roots along with their partners is pushing the movement for Purpose Driven Travel. The concept of travelling more with a purpose and having a strong intention has always been a strong influencer of why we started our business. Our travel experiences are designed to offer you a chance to experience something new, allow time for personal growth, time to think, gain personal insights and become inspired by life again.

Staying Close to our Roots

Purpose Driven Travel

Travel Roots started their journey in Winnipeg Canada. Our purpose is simple; to introduce more meaningful travel experiences to individuals that are searching for it. Whether it’s going on a journey to learn a new skill and expand your horizons, to sharing your skills and knowledge by volunteering abroad, to challenging yourself on a more active travel adventure, to diving deeper into your own personal journey on one of our retreats, to a simple fun adventure that supports local businesses; our vision and purpose stays the same.

Travel Roots in Sweden

We are happy to announce that we are growing! Our office in Sweden is located just West of Stockholm in Värmdö and we are happy to arrange virtual or face-to-face meetings upon request in the Stockholm area to learn more about our upcoming adventures. If you aren’t comfortable speaking English, we have a Swedish speaking team member that is happy to connect with you.

Our Services

Peru Trekking Adventure

Peru Trekking Adventure

We design independent & small group travel experiences, volunteer travel adventures, cultural educational tours and a variety of alternative experiences that cater to purpose driven travelers that wish to explore the world and journey off the beaten track. We create unique travel experiences for independent travelers and groups that allow you to connect with local communities, not-for-profit organizations, and conservation management projects.

You have an opportunity to get involved in a variety of interesting projects while you’re trotting the globe. Or if you don’t want to venture far, we’ve got excursions and trip ideas you can go on right in your own backyard.  We’re here to help you design your dream adventure and connect you with the right people and places.

Upcoming Adventures for 2018

Have you planned your next adventure yet? We have some excited small group adventures on the horizon:

Costa Rica Retreat in Nosara: February 3 – 11, 2018 – Find out more here –

Nepal Trekking Adventure – Everest Base Camp: March 31 – April 16, 2018 –  Find our more here –

Maldives Group Volunteer Adventure: March/April 2018 – Find out more here –

Wild: A Yoga and Wellness Retreat in Patagonia Argentina – March 23 – April 2, 2018 – Find out more here –

Iceland’s Elfin Way with Bonnie Bogner: June 2 – 12, 2018 – Find out more here –

Italian Culinary Adventure in Turin, Piedmont Countryside and Liguria: September 21 – October 3, 2018 – Find out more here –

How to Connect with Us

For more details on our upcoming adventures or to create your own personalized travel itinerary contact us at,  Skype at amandahuculak, or call us at the following numbers:

Canada/US: 1-877-819-5799

Sweden: +46 076-7951309

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