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The “Why” of Travel Roots

I’ve been reflecting a lot about why I started my business lately and thought I would share some of the heart and soul behind Travel Roots.

To travel is to take a journey within yourself…

I was asked this the other day “what is the best excuse/reason for why someone should book an adventure trip with Travel Roots?” It was my first instinct to have the following response – Life is way too short, routine is the killer of time, and so many of us are stuck in getting caught up in our daily routines and not allowing ourselves to continue to learn and grow. Travel allows you to have a chance to be exposed to something unfamiliar or outside our comfort zone.

Maldives Mangrove Planting

Maldives Mangrove Planting

Travel does something special, it forces you to live in the moment and accept a new way of being. At a young age I always wanted to explore the world. Travelling has shaped the person that I am today, but it wasn’t until I started to travel with a purpose and spent more time interacting with the local people and allowing myself to learn something new, that my passion grew even more. The concept of travelling more with a purpose and having a strong intention has always been a strong influencer of why I started this business. Our travel experiences are designed to offer you a chance to experience something new, allow time for personal growth, time to think, gain personal insights and become inspired by life again.

Keeping an Open Mind Allows for Growth

On my travels, I always have an open mind and make it a mission to try to find unique off the beaten track places. You never know what lies just around the corner away from the more touristy sites.  This different way of travelling has provided me the opportunity to visit many places where sometimes we were one of the first visitors in a community, it got me invited into family’s homes, sleeping on uninhabited islands, and most importantly made me build some long lasting friendships throughout the world.

Our philosophy with Travel Roots is to explore those unique places just around the corner, build cultural bridges, and discover the world from another angle. A lot of people in today’s society feel completely disconnected from nature and from the things that truly make them happy. To travel is to take a journey into yourself and all of our experiences are designed to feed your mind, body & soul while supporting socially responsible travel.

Orissa India

Desia Ecotourism Project Odisha India

So what is Socially Responsible Travel?

What that means is that we support small local businesses, NGOs, and work to create experiences that encourage learning and building relationships with people and places. With Travel Roots we connect you with small locally owned businesses where you get a more intimate understanding of the places that we visit and a chance to spend more time with the locals. Whether it’s taking a moment to have some chai with a local family, sharing stories over a campfire, playing a football (aka soccer) match with the local kids, or hiking through the forest, you will have a chance to have a memorable moment that will last a lifetime. Our experiences are ideal for those seeking adventure, spiritual well-being, rest & relaxation, a team building corporate retreat, or getting off the beaten track.

I understand that our experiences aren’t for everyone – but if you have an open mind and are up for a discovering a new way of travelling, join the movement and become a purpose driven traveler… your next adventure awaits!

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