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Retreat Planning

Have you dreamed of leading your own retreat?

I discovered that I have become quite the retreat planner. I planned my first group yoga retreat 2 years ago and since then have found my niche – planning unique wellness retreats that support small businesses, healthy living, volunteerism, and environmental awareness. I always look at all of these aspects when I am planning retreats. A retreat should take you to a place where you can disconnect from your hectic lifestyle at home and provide you a chance to get grounded and find peace.

I’ve had the privilege of planning retreats with some amazing yoga instructors, health practitioners, and holistic healers. Each retreat is built from the bottom-up and is customized according to the theme, location, activities, and learning objectives of the Retreat Leader. Our retreat planning services are not cookie-cutter, they are designed to fulfill what you want to share, experience, and create for your participants. Every detail that is important and meaningful to you, is important to us.

Retreat Planning Benefits

We Manage. You Relax.

It takes a large investment of time and money to plan a customized retreat. As a retreat planner, we will take care of the research, planning, logistics, booking, and guiding (if required), allowing you time to focus on what you do best and sharing your skills with the participants. Plus this will also give you time to enjoy and relax during your retreat.

What Makes us Unique

Our mission is to support socially responsible travel through designing customized travel experiences that support small local businesses, eco-conscious travel activities, educational experiences, and cross-cultural learning. We ensure that each experience is meaningful and allows for personal growth and development.

As a retreat planner we strongly believe in giving back to the destinations that we visit whether it’s through participating in a volunteer activity or by contributing to a local NGO, this is something that we are passionate about. We have established an amazing network of small businesses, grassroots tourism companies and NGOs across the globe that we work with that share the same values as us.  We are always happy to incorporate an element of volunteer travel into the retreat planning program.

Retreat Planning Services – Our Process

1. Understanding your Needs: We will set up an initial meeting for us to meet you to get a good understanding of the type of retreat you would like to create.

Costa Rica Volunteering

Retreat Planning – Volunteer Activity

2. Brainstorming for Ideas: Once we get some direction, we will gather ideas to create your unique retreat experience.

3. Presenting the Concepts: We’ll send you our best travel concepts by email (including budget options) or present this to you in person or Skype video call.

4. Refining the Experience: We’ll schedule a follow up call to discuss questions you might have and then further refine the proposed program to your liking/budget.

5. Marketing Support: We’ll post your retreat on our website and social media sites. We will also provide guidance and assistance with creating marketing materials and recruiting participants.

Please note, the Retreat Leader is responsible to assist with this process to ensure a successful retreat and the word gets out. Each Retreat Leader has their own following so it’s important to reach out and connect with them!

6. Booking and Administration: We will take care of all the bookings and logistical details for the trip. This will allow you to just focus on planning your retreat teachings.

7. Program Delivery: If required we will lead the group and take care of all the logistics on-site. Having a tour leader ensures a smooth experience and allows you some time for relaxation and to enjoy the experience.

8. Evaluation: After a special retreat such as this, we will listen to all feedback and plan a get together afterwards to reflect on the experience.

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