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Welcome to Travel Roots! Where your passion for travel meets a desire to explore local communities & support socially responsible tourism. Whether you’re seeking adventure, spiritual well-being, rest & relaxation, a team building corporate retreat, or getting off the beaten track, we offer uniquely designed customized travel packages.

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Iceland Yoga Retreat

Join Marisa Cline on an Iceland Yoga Adventure August 6-16, 2024
Now taking bookings!
Starting at $4899 CAD

Peru Andes & Amazon Adventure

Lima – Cusco – Lares Trek – Machu Picchu – Lake Titicaca – Amazon – Lima
Opportunities Year Round
Starting at $3,450 CAD

Best of Morocco - 15 Day Tour

Morocco Adventure - Imperial Cities & The Sahara
Opportunities Year Round
Starting at only $2,500 CAD

Vancouver Island - Self Guided Adventure

9 Day Road Trip exploring the beauty of the southwest coast
Opportunities Year Round
Starting at only $1599 CAD

Bringing you a unique blend of adventure, educational, volunteer, and special interest tours

Adventures Abroad

We develop off the beaten track experiences designed to connect travelers with local people and places for an authentic experience. Our experiences maintain a focus on sustainable community-based development, health & wellness, conservation management, and cultural preservation.

Health & Wellness Retreats

Need a different type of travel that feeds your mind body and soul? Join us on one of our health & wellness retreats and unwind and rejuvenate while exploring an amazing destination abroad. Our experiences are customized with a variety of learning and healing programs.

Volunteer Travel

Are you looking for a life changing grassroots experience? Our Volunteer Travel experiences are designed to offer students, youth, and adults a unique travel adventure that provides an opportunity to connect with local communities and not-for-profits while exploring incredible destinations.

Travel Planning

Are you wanderlust? We can assist with designing your dream trip. Whether it's creating a customized itinerary, helping you with travel research or working with you to plan a group adventure or working holiday - we'd love to share our expertise and assist with planning your life-changing journey.

“ I consider myself a seasoned traveler but the unique experiences that Travel Roots offered me was something I could not have organized or even dreamt up myself. The activities and local contacts were something so unique I consider myself lucky to have been able to have lived them. I look forward to my next adventures with Travel Roots!”
– Terry Ilasewich, Winnipeg, Canada

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to explore those unique places just around the corner and see the world from another angle. With Travel Roots we connect you with small locally owned businesses where you get a more intimate understanding of the places that we visit and a chance to connect with the locals.

Our Blog

Where your passion for travel meets a desire to explore local communities & support socially responsible tourism. Be inspired for your next journey by exploring our stories and experiences from across the globe. Do you have a travel story to share - we would love to hear it!

Travel Roots Sweden

Our new office in Sweden is now open for business offering travel planning, small group tours and Corporate Travel Services. We provide you with everything you need from planning to delivering a wonderful travel experience for you and your team.

Our Partners

Grassroots movements begin with people gathering together for a common goal. With the same goals in mind, Travel Roots has connected and partnered with a variety of different people, organizations, and programs to create unique opportunities for travellers to connect and support a common vision.

Be inspired by learning from our travel tips and adventures

Canada Road Trip

Nomadic Tour Operator

As a traveller, I’ve always been seeking what life is like in other countries – discovering how people thrive in different environments; expanding my knowledge of different cultures, ways of living, traditions, and ideologies; challenging myself with new adventures activities; and searching for new places to find peace and tranquility. Canada has always been home […]

Maldives Volunteer

Interns Making a Difference

Every so often you encounter inspiring individuals that exemplify the true spirit of volunteerism. Eugenio Conti, Daniel Miske, and Ioanna Pechlivanidou, three Tourism Masters students studying in Aalborg Denmark, heard about our volunteer program in the Maldives with Huvadhoo Aid. They were so pleased to have such an interesting option for them to spend for […]

Honduras Island Adventure

Travel Roots Top 10 Destinations to Visit this Winter!

#10 Volunteering in the Maldives – Travel beyond the 5 star resorts to the breath-taking remote islands of the Maldives and experience authentic local island life at its best while supporting community development projects. More details at! #9 Andaman Islands EcoAdventure – If you love the sea and are a nature-lover you will love this eco-adventure! […]

Self Guided Adventure West Iceland

Traveling with Photographers in Iceland…

I recently returned from traveling with an amazing group of photographers and creative professionals to Reykjavik and the West Fjords of Iceland on a mission to create local connections, and for each individual to re-ignite their creative sparks and become inspired for their personal work. This was not your typical tour… we braved the Icelandic […]

Maldives Volunteer Adventure

Volunteering in the Maldives – A Raw Authentic Experience

In this day and age it’s always a hard task to find untouched travel experiences… as a grassroots tour operator I’m always looking for those destinations or local partners that offer authentic experiences and something different from the usual travel adventure. Most of our partners are smaller grassroots businesses that really need the support of […]

Two feet on Island Time

Welcome to Honduras, Life is lush on the Bay of Islands. The beaches are gorgeous, the locals are friendly, the water is turquoise blue and the sunsets leave you gasping while you fumble for your camera. Island life is exactly what the doctor ordered. Or was that a self diagnosis? All of us have, at […]

The Travel Teacher

The Travel Teacher

Meet the best teacher you’ll ever find… Travel. Travel is the one school we happily give all our money away to and want to return to, again and again. Travelling is like taking the fun, exhilarating adventure class that teaches us more about life skills and the world we live in, rather than the basic structures […]

Adventures Abroad India

Exploring the World from Another Angle…

At a young age I always wanted to explore the world. Travelling has shaped the person that I am today, but it wasn’t until I started to travel with a purpose and spent more time interacting with the local people that my passion grew even more. Back in 2008, is when I decided to venture […]

Local Guide of Meghalaya

The Roots of Travel

Have we lost touch with what the true essence of travel is all about? In the hustle and bustle of the western world we dream of finding that relaxing escape on the beach where you can shut off your brain, plump yourself down on a lounge chair with a Mai Tai in hand and forget […]