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Welcome to Travel Roots! Where your passion for travel meets a desire to explore local communities & support socially responsible tourism. Whether you’re seeking adventure, spiritual well-being, rest & relaxation, a team building corporate retreat, or getting off the beaten track, we offer uniquely designed customized travel packages.

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Iceland Yoga Retreat

Join Marisa Cline on an Iceland Yoga Adventure August 6-16, 2024
Now taking bookings!
Starting at $4899 CAD

Peru Andes & Amazon Adventure

Lima – Cusco – Lares Trek – Machu Picchu – Lake Titicaca – Amazon – Lima
Opportunities Year Round
Starting at $3,450 CAD

Best of Morocco - 15 Day Tour

Morocco Adventure - Imperial Cities & The Sahara
Opportunities Year Round
Starting at only $2,500 CAD

Vancouver Island - Self Guided Adventure

9 Day Road Trip exploring the beauty of the southwest coast
Opportunities Year Round
Starting at only $1599 CAD

Bringing you a unique blend of adventure, educational, volunteer, and special interest tours

Adventures Abroad

We develop off the beaten track experiences designed to connect travelers with local people and places for an authentic experience. Our experiences maintain a focus on sustainable community-based development, health & wellness, conservation management, and cultural preservation.

Health & Wellness Retreats

Need a different type of travel that feeds your mind body and soul? Join us on one of our health & wellness retreats and unwind and rejuvenate while exploring an amazing destination abroad. Our experiences are customized with a variety of learning and healing programs.

Volunteer Travel

Are you looking for a life changing grassroots experience? Our Volunteer Travel experiences are designed to offer students, youth, and adults a unique travel adventure that provides an opportunity to connect with local communities and not-for-profits while exploring incredible destinations.

Travel Planning

Are you wanderlust? We can assist with designing your dream trip. Whether it's creating a customized itinerary, helping you with travel research or working with you to plan a group adventure or working holiday - we'd love to share our expertise and assist with planning your life-changing journey.

“ I consider myself a seasoned traveler but the unique experiences that Travel Roots offered me was something I could not have organized or even dreamt up myself. The activities and local contacts were something so unique I consider myself lucky to have been able to have lived them. I look forward to my next adventures with Travel Roots!”
– Terry Ilasewich, Winnipeg, Canada

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to explore those unique places just around the corner and see the world from another angle. With Travel Roots we connect you with small locally owned businesses where you get a more intimate understanding of the places that we visit and a chance to connect with the locals.

Our Blog

Where your passion for travel meets a desire to explore local communities & support socially responsible tourism. Be inspired for your next journey by exploring our stories and experiences from across the globe. Do you have a travel story to share - we would love to hear it!

Travel Roots Sweden

Our new office in Sweden is now open for business offering travel planning, small group tours and Corporate Travel Services. We provide you with everything you need from planning to delivering a wonderful travel experience for you and your team.

Our Partners

Grassroots movements begin with people gathering together for a common goal. With the same goals in mind, Travel Roots has connected and partnered with a variety of different people, organizations, and programs to create unique opportunities for travellers to connect and support a common vision.

Be inspired by learning from our travel tips and adventures

Travel Roots - Socially Responsible Travel

Become a Purpose Driven Traveler

The “Why” of Travel Roots I’ve been reflecting a lot about why I started my business lately and thought I would share some of the heart and soul behind Travel Roots. To travel is to take a journey within yourself… I was asked this the other day “what is the best excuse/reason for why someone should […]

Maldives Beaches

Best Beaches Around the World

“What’s the best beach you’ve ever been to?” is a question I’ve been asked many times. So I decided to put together a list of my favourite best beaches around the world and why they were special. 1. The uninhabited islands near Hoadehdoo in the Maldives – These islands are only visited by the locals living in nearby island […]

Maldives Island Adventure

Volunteer Abroad – A More Meaningful Travel Experience

Volunteering abroad allows you to have a greater connection and understanding of the places that you visit. Participating in a volunteer abroad travel program allows you to completely immerse yourself in a different environment and culture. You will gain a deeper understanding of the world in a way that isn’t possible through ordinary travel. One of the […]

Costa Rica Yoga Retreat

Exploring Off the Beaten Track in Central America

[Estimated read time: 5 minutes] I just returned from spending 2 months exploring Central America in hopes to find some amazing partners and interesting adventures to share with our clients. Firstly, I was caught by surprise as to how touristy and slightly Americanized it is in that region and that you had to work very […]

Seeking the Spiritual in Mayantuyacu, Peru

I’ve been to this place in the Jungles of Peru, where a wise one leads you on a journey Inward. Where the river boils and the trees grow big and strong. There is medicine in this place that cures the body and soothes the soul. In order to get there you must take a plane, a […]

Costa Rica Retreat

The Simple Things in Life – Costa Rica Yoga Retreat

We just finished a 7 Day retreat in Nosara, Costa Rica led by Peg City Yoga’s Noah Krol. The whole feel for the trip was to escape your chaotic stressful lives at home and reconnect with yourself in a quaint natural setting. We stayed at the Nosara Bed and Breakfast, located a short walk to […]

Honduras Island Yoga Retreat

Yoga & Travel – Living in the Moment

Yoga and travel have so many similarities, one being is that they both teach you to live in the moment. Yoga and travel teach you to appreciate the magic of everyday life like going on a new adventure or trying something new that is a little outside your comfort zone. When planning our retreats we […]

Sooke, BC

Adventures in Western Canada

Adventures in Western Canada As many Canadians from the prairies, I’ve been on the typical road trip out west via Calgary to the Rocky Mountains but have never really ventured and spent a lot of time in the smaller quaint places further west in BC. I’m feeling grateful to have the opportunity to be able to […]

Ireland Sacred Sites Tour

Travel Roots is working with Bonnie Bogner, the Founder of Soul Vibrations Consulting. Bonnie is a Soul Alignment Coach and Master Trainer, a Spiritual Teacher and a Professional Speaker. She connected with me at the Spirit Seekers event in Winnipeg this past year. Bonnie shared some of her past group retreats that she has led locally […]

Island Yoga Retreat in Honduras!

Disconnect to Reconnect Relax and unwind in the Caribbean this winter on the island of Roatan, Honduras . We have an amazing retreat planned with Andrea Robin, yoga instructor and Reiki Master from Winnipeg, Manitoba. We’ll start the retreat at Upachaya, an eco resort built on the philosophy of growing and healing – here you will unwind and reconnect through […]