Mayantuyacu Sanctuary

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mayantuyacu-peru-2017MAYANTUYACU 2017 

Pucallpa | Peru

GROUP TOUR: March 14 – 24th 2017 (max 10pp)

Guide: Lori Fast of Lady Lorelie Productions 

Price: USD$1865 

Includes: 10 day trip with guide/translator, internal flights, transportation, food, accommodation, 2 nights in Lima

*does not include international flights

Trek deep into the Peruvian Amazon to the isolated sanctuary of Mayantuyacu. Situated deep within the rainforest between Peru and Brazil, this sacred land is protected by the traditions of the Ashaninka people. Discover their ancient knowledge on plant medicine and participate in a variety of therapies and healing ceremonies. Time spent at Mayantuyacu sanctuary means relaxing among natures hotsprings, exploring the lush landscape of the rainforest and learning Ashaninka knowledge on the relationships between plants and humans. Root yourself in Nature and let Mayantuyacu uncover its magical interaction with our mind, body, and spirit. Learn with Maestro, Juan Flores Salazar, a world renouned Shaman, that was featured on the cover of National Geographic in France. Join the company and community at the Mayantuyacu Sanctuary and see how your life transforms.


Highlights of Tour:

·     Learn about the traditional medicine derived from the shrubs, trees and herbs of the Rainforest and uncover the wisdom of these plants

·     Explore this sacred Ashaninka site and trek through the surrounding rainforest with a local guide

·     Swim and relax in the breathtaking geothermal hotsprings

·     Participate in the variety of healing ceremonies offered by Juan Flores Salazar

·     Interact with Ashaninka Community and experience their warm hospitality


Lodging, food and transportation between Lima  and Mayantuyacu Sanctuary, activities & medicine if requested for ceremonies.

Not included – Flights to Lima, Peru. The Travel Roots team can help you arrange your international flights.

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For Trip Details and Info on how to book visit or email Lori at