Kenya: Ol Lentille Trust


Laikipia North and Isiolo Districts – Kenya

Dates: Opportunities available all year round

Price: $2199 USD for a 4 week Volunteer Experience


Students will have an opportunity to participate in a wide variety of conservation initiatives; from building roads to teaching rangers GPS and recording techniques. There’s also an opportunity to teach children, assist teachers, paint the classrooms, and gardening, environmental & health clubs. With the larger community- eg sports, simple construction work, conservation workshops. At the lodge eg office work –assisting with social media, welcoming guests. Healthcare- assisting with IT, office organization and at mobile clinics and health education. Students are encouraged to take part in all areas.

Learning Objectives:

  • To work in and with a Maasai and Samburu community.
  • To develop an overview of a unique community conservation initiative.
  • Learn how a virtuous circle of conservation, economic development and social developments is created and sustained through community and private partnership.

How the organizations make a difference: (in the community for the environment)

The Sanctuary at Ol Lentille is a community owned lodge in partnership with private investors. The Ol Lentille Trust is the lodge’s community arm which supports conservation, healthcare and education in the larger community of approx. 10,000 members. OLT manages a conservation area of 20,000 acres and works with communities to find ways for them to put more of their land into conservation and achieve tangible benefits. OLT employs a healthcare team of 35 personnel, and works with 9 schools.