Italy Corporate Travel

Business Trip in Italy in the Beautiful Countryside of Piedmont Home to Vineyards and Quaint Villages Overlooking the Alps

The Langhe Region of Piedmont, located in Northern Italy, is now declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site famous for its wines and truffles. The region is home to quaint villages, organic farms, artisanal productions, vineyards, and locals living a traditional simplified lifestyle. The beauty and relaxed atmosphere of this location will make it the perfect destination to host your Italy Corporate Travel experience.

Dates: Available Year-round

Duration of Tour: 3-4 days

Amount of Participants: 6-12 people

Other Locations in Italy: Upon request we also offer experiences in the coastal region of Liguria located in the famous Portofino Peninsula.


Benefits of our Corporate Travel Programs

Italy Corporate Travel

Wine Country in Piedmont, Italy

  • Motivate and Inspire Staff – Your staff will feel motivated and appreciated for their efforts when awarded with a travel adventure in an exciting destination
  • Enhance team building skills – Each of our experiences will have time set aside for corporate team building sessions, business meetings, and/or workshops allowing your team to enhance their skills and work better as a team. Plus sharing an experience in a unique travel destination creates stronger bonds amongst colleagues.
  • Increase in productivity – Your staff will feel appreciated and this will entice them to be more productive in the workplace
  • Keep and Attract your Best Employees – By offering engaging and appealing travel experiences to your team ensures that you keep your best staff happy and attract new talent if needed
  • Cross Cultural Learning – You and your team will travel to different countries and experience different ways of living, gaining an appreciation and understanding for other cultures
  • Increased Loyalty – We offer experiences that support small local businesses and local NGOs that support Educational and Environmental Projects leaving your team feeling proud to work for a company that contributes and cares for social and environmental initiatives
  • Create Excellent PR for your Company – Our experiences take you on unique journeys that contribute to Educational and/or Environmental causes which will lead to positive word of mouth and improve your company’s public relations

What You’ll Experience

Italy Culinary Tour

Langhe Region in Piedmont

Your journey begins arriving in Turin International Airport (only a 3 hour direct flight from Stockholm) where you will be welcomed by your local host and transported to the countryside in the village of Cisterna d’Asti. This will be your home base for the next 3 nights. Your group will stay at an authentic locally owned Hotel in Cisterna d’Asti a region defined by its beautiful and preserved natural landscape, marked by Rocche to the west and sweet hills to the east and, of course, by its delicious wines.

You cannot go on a trip to Italy without indulging in the local cuisine. You will learn about the culture, lifestyle, and food of this spectacular region while supporting the Slow Food Foundation. During your 4 day experience one day will be set aside for a day in the Winery with of course a wine and food-tasting experience afterwards.

You will have plenty of time to host your Team Building Sessions / Workshops during your stay plus the option of participating in a Team Building Cooking Class where you will learn how to prepare the regional cuisine of the region.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Italy Culinary Tour

Quaint villages overlooking vineyards

As part of your Corporate Social Responsibility part of the budget for this experience will support the Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity. The Foundation’s projects are tools to promote a model of agriculture that is based on local biodiversity and respect for the land and the local culture, is in harmony with the environment and aims to provide food sovereignty and access to good, clean and fair food for all communities. During your stay a representative will come to your Hotel and do a presentation on how your contribution will help their organization achieve its mandate.



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  • Spend 3 nights in an authentic locally owned Hotel in the quaint village of Cisterna d'Asti
  • Spend a Day in a Winery situated in the UNESCO World Heritage region of Langhe
  • Experience the food and wine culture of this culturally and historically rich region
  • Sample culinary delights and even get a chance to try your luck in the kitchen during a cooking class led by a regional Chef
  • Enjoy hosting your Team Building Sessions and Business Meetings in the beautiful spaces at the Hotel

Day 1: Arrive in Turin International Airport welcomed by your local host, then transported to the countryside of Piedmont. Upon arrival you will be greeted with aperitive/dinner in the lovely terrace overlooking the wineries.

Day 2: This day will be set aside for you to host your Team Building Sessions / Workshops. You will also have time for a self-guided walking tour of the region. During dinner you will receive a presentation to learn about the Slow Food Foundation and how your funds will support their programs.

Day 3: A day in the Winery! You will travel to visit local wineries in the region, learn about sustainable farming, and of course get a change to taste the wines and regional cuisine.

Day 4: Enjoy the morning in the beautiful countryside before departing home in the afternoon.

Included in the Price:

  • 3 nights accommodations in the Piedmont Countryside at a locally owned hotel of your choice
  • A full day exploring and sampling the wineries in the region
  • Welcome dinner and aperitive
  • Breakfast throughout your stay
  • Dinner and presentation from the Slow Food Movement
  • Space set aside to host Team Building Sessions / Workshops
  • Domestic transportation
  • Cooking class (optional)

Excluded from the Price:

  • International airfare - can be included upon request
  • Travel Insurance (mandatory)
  • Personal expenses and activities not mentioned in the itinerary
  • Meals not mentioned in the itinerary
  • Alcoholic beverages

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