Go Local

Ever thought of being a tourist in your own backyard?

Part of being a responsible traveller is to support the local opportunities that are in your own backyard and country. Our Go Local experiences give you a whole new perspective on the unique adventures we have right here in Canada that still support the philosophy of socially responsible travel! From Tree Climbing Adventures in Winnipeg to sweat lodge experiences in Manitoba, you’ll be amazed at the opportunities!

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Tree climbing Adventures september

“After living in Vancouver and The French Alps, it has been hard to find adventure sports here in Winnipeg that really expand your horizon and change up your perspective. This is not coming from people who don’t put in valiant efforts to enjoy what the good old Peg has to offer either. We have found, one must really look for it and dress for the occasion (cold or mosquitoes). Both my husband and I found the tree climbing experience to satisfy our adrenaline rush.Not only very exciting and adventurous but incredibly peaceful. Hanging in the huge, supportive trees, was like being right in the city with an incredible new perspective. Picturesque and breath taking. Yet at the same time breath filling being surrounded by the beautiful gaseous exchange with nature we take for granted.” Ashleigh Collet, Winnipeg, Canada