Aboriginal Tourism


Experience and connect with the Indigenous teachings that have been passed down thousands of years in Manitoba. Learn about the culture, customs and spiritual beliefs that tie Indigenous people to nature and the heart of Turtle Island.

From Sweat Lodge ceremonies to teepee teaching and workshops on astronomy according to elder storytellers, we can offer you extraordinary experiences that connect you with the people and land of Manitoba. Explore ancient sites like the petraforms of Bannock Point (Whiteshell region) and gain an indigenous perspective about this sacred land.

Our partner, Manitou Oba, offers a variety of experiences that immerse you in the culture and share an Indigenous perspective of this Land. From Nature walks to teepee teachings, pipe ceremonies to drum making, storytelling to astronomy teachings, they offer various workshops and guided tours.


001Thunderbird logoTravel Roots has partnered with Manitou Oba Inc., a non-for-profit organization that offers immersive experiences to both aboriginal and non-aboriginal people who wish to learn about First Nations People, their traditions,  their beliefs and their ways of living.

Manitou Oba offers visitors opportunity to learn about various teachings and ceremonies through workshops and guided tours to various sacred sites.

Visitors may be offered the opportunity to participate in ceremonies such as sweat lodges, drum ceremonies, pipe ceremonies and naming ceremonies, thereby offering perspective of the holistic, spiritual connection they share with this land and Mother Earth.

A large portion of the proceeds goes to supporting Manitou Oba programs that support Indigenous communities preserve their culture and revitalize their spirit and identity.


Participating in Indigenous experiences connects us to one another and the land of Manitoba. Together we can find understanding and preserve the stories, teachings and ceremonies passed down by Canada’s Indigenous peoples throughout the centuries.

We do this because we believe these perspectives must be shared and experienced to open the hearts and minds to one another and the mystery of this beautiful creation Earth. Through these perspectives we can transform our relationships with ourselves, with one another, and with the natural world.


*We can custom design specific experiences for your family or tour group.

Sweat Lodge CeremonySweat Lodge Ceremony

Next Lodge: Feb 13th, 2016 – Midewiwin Sweat Lodge

(reserve a spot under next event – Below)
$50 pp based on a min of 8 people per group
Groups smaller than 8 require a minimum charge of $350
*must bring your own Tobacco & Berries for offering

A ritual used in holistic purification and healing, the Sweat Lodge is also a place of laughter and storytelling. Join us for a unique experience as we take you through the steps of preparing the fire and grounds, as well as share the sacred teachings of the Grandmothers and Grandfathers of the Four Directions. Bring cotton sweat clothes (shorts and t-shirts for men/boys; cotton long nightgown or t-shirt and long skirt for women/ girls) and we’ll supply everything else.


Bannock Point - Whiteshell - Indigenous ToursJourney to Bannock Point a guided tour & picnic

$85 pp based on a min 4 people per group
*includes tobacco offering,
**does not include transportation (but can be arrange for an additional cost)



Bannock Point Tours - Whiteshell toursKnown as “the place where the Creator sits,” Bannock Point is revered by the Anishinabe people as a gateway to higher understanding. Indigenous teachings have been recorded there in the stone shapes of animal figures and geometric designs called petroforms.

This experience includes transportation to the site, a guided tour, and a picnic lunch. End your journey with a visit to the Nutimik Lake Museum or an afternoon Sweat Lodge ceremony (optional).

Tours take place from spring to fall, weather permitting.


Manitoba Aboriginal ToursTeepee Teachings a night of Singing & Storytelling

Date & Pricing COMING SOON

Experience drumming, singing and teachings around an open fire, and spend the night sleeping in an authentic teepee.

Wake up to a beautiful sunrise ceremony followed by breakfast and an invigorating hike, or choose to participate in an optional Sweat Lodge ceremony.

Includes light evening snack, breakfast, lunch, bedding and other supplies.

Tour Dates, Coming soon..

Find out more about Manitou Oba or donate visit www.manitouoba.ca

More details.. Coming soon..

Manitoba is home to many Indigenous Peoples, including the Ojibway, Cree, Denne, Oji-Cre and Dakota people. Though their way of living was nearly extinguished by way of colonization, there are still those who have held on to traditional knowledge and practices. Our intention is to support and promote understanding between First Nations people and non-aboriginal people, as a means to encourage First Nations people to reclaim their traditions, and support their spiritual rights. Together we can build bridges of understanding between communities and nurture harmony and respect for all living beings on this Earth. We do this through sharing experiences and learning about the ancient knowledge and practices that are intrinsically tied to the land and people of Manitoba.

Colonial history:
By preventing the First Peoples of Canada from practicing their culture and by forcibly placing generations of their children into residential schools, the Canadian Government separated them from their traditional teachings and ways of healing. This resulted in the intergenerational breakdown of the individual and family, leading to violence, sickness, suicide, substance abuse, and hopelessness. These policies have also formed a divide between Canada's Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples, one that needs repairing.

Manitou Oba Inc. is a non-profit, Winnipeg-based organization with an indigenous approach to healing and cultural understanding. Manitou Oba uses traditional ceremonies and teachings of Canada's First Nations People to create sacred space as they guide you on a journey to recovery and discovery. Their workshops and educational experiences assist individuals in their own self-growth and understanding of Indigenous teachings.
In addition, they have created a Healing Roots Project which provides a variety of wellness and healing options for individuals and families. They believe that the way to restoring balance to Mother Earth and her children is by introducing the Sacred Teachings of Canada's First Peoples to help individuals develop the tools they need to live and stay healthy in today's world.
Healing Roots programs use the power of traditional ceremonies and teachings to restore balance to individuals, families, and communities.

Find out more about Manitou Oba or donate visit www.manitouoba.ca

The Sweat/Healing lodges are held on
Ginew-Gah-bah-Weh Sacred Grounds near Libau, Manitoba. The grounds are located forty minutes north of downtown Winnipeg right off Highway 59.


Sharing circles and workshops are conducted at various locations in Winnipeg including The Circle of Life Thunderbird House at 715 Main Street (at the southeast corner of Higgins avenue and Main Street)

Sweat Lodge Ceremony

Date: Saturday - Nov 21st
Time: 12:00 (11:30 meet at 59er/esso station before birds hill park on hwy 59)
Location: Ginew-Gah bah-weh Grounds

$50 per person

Bring cotton sweat clothes (shorts and t-shirts for men/boys; cotton long nightgown or t-shirt and long skirt for women/ girls) bring extra clothing to change into after.
Women who are on their moon cycle are asked not to participate in ceremony, as they are already at their strongest most powerful time.
*please bring your own Tobacco & Berries for prayer offering

A large portion of the proceeds goes to supporting Manitou Oba programs that support Indigenous communities preserve their culture and revitalize their spirit and identity.


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